Unlocking the Potential: Dragon Fruit Cultivation Techniques and Future Opportunities

Dragon fruit farming has become increasingly popular in Pakistan due to its adaptability to diverse climates and soil. The fruit is primarily cultivated in regions with a subtropical or tropical #climate, making it suitable for various parts of the country.
Recognizing the increased production of dragon fruit in Pakistan and export opportunities from Pakistan to chinese market, PHDEC organized a webinar on “Unlocking the Potential: Dragon Fruit Cultivation Techniques and Future Opportunities”. The objective was to guide farmers about its production technology.
Mr. Sajid Iqbal Sindhu, Director General (Punjab), Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan, stated that Pakistan’s warm climate and fertile soils make it an ideal location for the cultivation of dragon fruit. He further recommended that sustainable agronomic practices, such as integrated pest management and organic fertilization, ensures long-term viability and environmental compatibility of dragon fruit cultivation.