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The Company

PHDEC envisions the vitalization of a dynamic, resilient, sustainable, and responsive, market driven horticulture sector to meet the challenges of globalization and up lift the sector in the light of WTO regime.

CEO’s Message

“Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company” (PHDEC), the name very clearly depicts our focus and ambitions. With the main mandate to increase the export of Pakistan’s Horticulture products worldwide by improving the Supply Chain and open new avenues for Pakistan’s Horticulture products, PHDEC has adopted the slogan “Grow and Globalize”.

We are firmly committed to provide practical guidance on compliance of post-harvest management practices in the handling of fresh fruits and vegetables. It will improve and maintain the product quality, assuring the ‘food safety’ within the Horticulture sector in compliance with the international food safety standards from farm to fork at national and international level. And thus our effort will increase the market availability and export of horticultural commodities consistently. By keeping this view in mind PHDEC is working with a steadfast pace to flourish Horticulture sector of Pakistan.

Although there are many challenges ahead but ‘We will continue our work to make Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) a leading organization in the Horticulture industry in Pakistan’.


The progressive liberalization of world trade has created opportunities for Pakistan to become integrated into the global trading system and to exploit its national and regional comparative advantages. Evidence suggests that Pakistan has a potential comparative advantage over developed countries in the production of many Horticultural and Floricultural products.

PHDEC is a team of dedicated professionals which can offer you integrated solutions in the horticulture value chain through business feasibilities, country and region oriented marketing strategies and state of the art expertise in the supply chain management. The services include; Business Development, Marketing Opportunities (trade fairs, exhibitions, delegations etc.), need based training workshops/seminars, networking with inline national and international organizations, trade offices abroad and information dissemination to stakeholders.

We are always available to facilitate international trading enterprises in creating profitable partnerships with our stakeholders. Our facilitating role will help you at every step from product selection to its processing, packing and logistics by under strict food safety management.

Revitalization of the Company

The Ministry of Commerce conducted a performance review of the Company as part of STPF 2015-18. It was agreed that due to the importance of horticulture as high-value agriculture and its growth potential for exports, a stronger sector-specific business support organisation was needed.
The following four steps were identified for improving the administrative performance of the company –

Rreconstitution of Board of Directors
Replacing the non-performing employees with professionals from the field
Appointment of a dynamic Chief Executive Officer through open competition/merit
Creating an Endowment Fund to meet budgetary requirements of the Company.

The Ministry of Commerce has already completed the following:

Board of Directors has been reconstituted by bringing in professional and progressive stakeholders on the policy board.
The new Board, in accordance with the Public-Sector Companies (Appointment of Chief Executive) Guidelines, 2015, steered the selection process of CEO after advertising the post in national dailies. A panel of three candidates out of 69 applicants has been recommended to the Ministry. The summary for final selection is being moved to the Cabinet for approval.
The performance review of the existing employees of the Company has been conducted. The contracts of the non-performing/inefficient employees have not been renewed. The administrative structure of the company has been redesigned; the need assessment of human resource is underway; based on the needs, the recruitment of professionals will be done strictly on merit.
The backlog of regulatory compliances of the Company has been cleared – the pending accounts of several years have been audited; the pending Annual General Meetings for all the years since the company’s inception have been held; the regulatory declarations have been filed.
For financial sustainability of the organisation, an Endowment Fund has been created which will be gradually raised to Rs. 2 billion. Endowment Fund Rules have been notified and an amount of Rs. 500 million has been deposited in the account.


As a sector specific trade promotion organization of Government of Pakistan for horticulture sector, PHDEC is mandated to promote, coordinate, and enhance Pakistan’s horticulture products by introducing Pakistan to the higher end international and regional markets through timely, well integrated and strategic initiatives and interventions, aiming at the same time to facilitate all the stakeholders in the horticulture value chain.


PHDEC envisions the vitalization of a dynamic, open and market driven horticulture sector, which would transform into a resilient and sustainable sector, equipped to meet the challenges of globalization by creating a niche in the international market.