PHDEC Functions & Operational Divisions

Agri-Products Department 
  1. Awareness & Facilitation on international compliances   
  2. Facilitation in Certifications (ISO/HACCP/BRC/Global GAP) 
  3. Capacity building of stakeholders
  4. Market Intelligence 
  5. Market access & Promotion 
  6. Market Diversification
  7. Linkages Development


The progressive liberalization of world trade has created opportunities for Pakistan to become integrated into the global trading system and to exploit its national and regional comparative advantages. Evidence suggests that Pakistan has a potential comparative advantage over developed countries in the production of many Horticultural and Floricultural products. 

PHDEC is a team of dedicated professionals which can offer you integrated solutions in the horticulture value chain through business feasibilities, country and region oriented marketing strategies and state of the art expertise in the supply chain management. The services include; Business Development, Marketing Opportunities (trade fairs, exhibitions, delegations etc.), need based training workshops/seminars, networking with inline national and international organizations, trade offices abroad and information dissemination to stakeholders.

We are always available to facilitate international trading enterprises in creating profitable partnerships with our stakeholders. Our facilitating role will help you at every step from product selection to its processing, packing and logistics by under strict food safety management. 


  • To create an export orientated environment facilitated through procedures and quality standards through regulations and incentive schemes
  • To encourage and facilitate the growers to “grow for exports”
  • To disseminate of information about new technologies and techniques to growers and processors
  • To facilitate in setting up of quality infrastructure
  • To develop/implement export marketing strategies
  • To build linkages with relevant institutions and with importers and stakeholders