Post-harvest techniques for Peaches

Today (27th June 2024), the Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) successfully conducted a webinar focused on post-harvest techniques for peaches, aiming to ensure the freshness of peaches from orchard to market and reduce post-harvest losses. The event was well-attended by growers, exporters, processors, R&D experts, and other stakeholders.
The perishable nature of peaches makes them susceptible to significant losses due to pests, diseases, and improper handling, storage, and transportation. The factors contributing to post harvest losses include; lack of knowledge about pests and diseases. Insufficient information on preservation methods, involvement of multiple intermediaries in the supply chain, and other factors such as weight, quality, nutritional value, seed viability, and commercial value.
Dr. Muhammad Zahid Rashid from the Horticulture Research Institute, AARI Faisalabad, provided valuable insights into the latest harvest and post-harvest management techniques for peaches. His presentation covered practical applications of technologies like MAP and gamma radiation to minimize losses and improve peach quality.
The webinar highlighted the critical need for advanced post-harvest management practices to mitigate losses and ensure the quality of peaches from orchard to market. The informative session provided stakeholders with actionable knowledge to implement these practices, ultimately benefiting Pakistan’s peach industry by reducing waste and enhancing marketability.