Post-harvest Management, Logistics, and Storage of Potato

PHDEC organized a webinar on “Post-harvest Management, Logistics, and Storage of Potato”.
Potato is an important vegetable crop of Pakistan with an annual production of about 8MMT. Its supply/harvesting starts in the month of December and concludes in April every year in Punjab. Bearing in mind the importance of this transitional phase, PHDEC conducted this webinar with a special focus on harvesting, postharvest handling, transportation, bagging, stacking, loading, unloading, storage etc to minimise the posharvest losses and for the availability of the premium quality produce in the domestic and high-end market.
To enlighten the participants on the subject matter, experts from research institutes and the potato grower’s society, Okara were invited. A large number of growers/farmers, processors, exporters, academia and R&D institutes participated in the webinar.
The audience appreciated PHDEC’s initiative of training workshops/seminars in potato production hubs.