Papaya: Production Technology, Management and Export Potentials

Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) successfully conducted a webinar titled “Papaya: Production Technology, Management and Export Potentials.” This session aimed to explore the vast opportunities that papaya cultivation presents for Pakistan’s horticulture sector.
The webinar was attended by large number of people including growers, processors, researchers, and stakeholders from the horticulture sector. The introductory remarks highlighted the significance of diversifying Pakistan’s horticulture basket with papaya, a tropical fruit renowned for its high nutritional value and market potential.
The session featured insightful presentations from leading experts in the field, Ms. Amina Alvi from AARI Faisalabad. The discussions covered various aspects of papaya cultivation including best practices and advanced techniques for optimal production and yield. The speaker also highlighted the effective methods for managing papaya crops addressing different pests and diseases. The session also covered the information on possible strategies in future to meet international standards for export of papaya from Pakistan.
The webinar saw active participation from a diverse audience, including growers, processors, R&D professionals, and academia. Attendees engaged in lively discussions, asked pertinent questions, and shared their experiences and insights.
The webinar concluded on a positive note, with participants expressing their appreciation for the valuable information shared. The session emphasized the need for continued collaboration and innovation to harness the full potential of papaya cultivation in Pakistan.