Opportunities for Economic Growth through Value Addition of Mangoes

On August 22, 2023, Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company hosted a power-packed webinar that’s got everyone buzzing with excitement!
The spotlight was on the topic “Opportunities for Economic Growth through Value Addition of Mangoes.”
Our aim? To dive deep into the world of mango value-addition, empowering growers, farmers and processors with insights that can truly make a difference. With Pakistan being the 5th largest mango-producing country, the potential is limitless!
We had the honor of hosting Dr. Ahmad Din, Assistant Professor from the Department of Food Science and Technology University of Agriculture Faisalabad – Official. His presentation was nothing short of enlightening, covering everything from postharvest handling to processing and the exciting realm of value-added products like mango paste, pulp, powder, and jam.
The impact? Oh, it’s HUGE! We delved into how value-addition can skyrocket Pakistan’s exports and give our economy a mighty boost. From nutritional benefits to unique therapeutic properties of mango, there’s so much more to this fruit than meets the eye!
A massive shoutout to all the passionate mango growers, farmers, R&D experts, entrepreneurs, and academia members who joined us. Your presence and engagement truly made this webinar a success!
Let’s keep the conversation going! Share your key takeaways from the webinar in the comments below. Let’s empower our agricultural landscape together!