Improving Banana Fruit Quality through Farm Management Techniques

February 14, 2024, PHDEC spearheaded a webinar focusing on “Improving Banana Fruit Quality through Farm Management Techniques.”
The aim was crystal clear: to empower our growers/farmers with knowledge and insights into effective farming practices, particularly disease and pest control strategies, essential for enhancing crop quality and boosting exports of our beloved bananas!
Dr. Abdul Mubeen Lodhi, from Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam delved into crucial aspects of banana orchard management: from soil quality to irrigation techniques, from combating biotic challenges to tackling dreaded diseases like Panama wilt and banana bunchy top virus. He further shed light on approved banana varieties with their distinct characteristics, paving way for informed decisions in banana cultivation.
The turnout was overwhelming! Growers/farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and academia alike, all came together to embrace this initiative by PHDEC, recognizing its significance in transforming our agricultural landscape of Pakistan.