Harvest and Post-harvest management of chillies in Pakistan

Today, PHDEC took a much needed step towards boosting Chilli production in Pakistan. The webinar delved into the intricacies of harvest and post-harvest management of chillies in Pakistan. The goal? To unite stakeholders for a comprehensive discussion on minimizing post-harvest losses and ensuring top-notch quality Chillies for both domestic and International markets.
As we’re in the midst of Chilli harvesting (ongoing until March), it’s crucial to handle it with care to guarantee premium quality. Recognizing the sensitivity, farmers and relevant stakeholders were educated on enhancing both quality and quantity. The response was phenomenal, with participants from growers, processors, exporters, R&D and academia applauding this initiative.
PHDEC is committed to enhancing Chilli production, ensuring excellence from farm to market. Stay tuned for more updates on our endeavors!