Good Agricultural Practices of Olives for High Yield and Good Quality

Todays webinar discussed olive production, prospects and challenges in Pakistan at length. Pakistan, which has a large area of land suitable for growing olives, has been producing olive oil since 2010 with the help of countries such as Italy and Spain. Currently, it produces about 1,500 tons of olive oil and 830 tons of table olives per year, all of which are consumed domestically. Pakistan has set a target of producing 16,000 tons of olive oil by 2027. The main areas fit for olive cultivation in Pakistan are Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Punjab. Pakistan has 10m acres of land suitable for olive cultivation, which is almost twice as much as Spain, the world’s largest olive oil producer. Keeping in view its importance there is a dire need to intervene on the matter.
A large number of participants from growers, processors, exporters, R&D and academia participated in the webinar and appreciated the PHDEC’s initiative of conducting the webinar on an important topic of olive Production and challenges.