Good Agricultural Practices of Citrus

Exciting Update: Unleashing the Secrets of Citrus Orchard Management!
On this beautiful day, PHDEC (Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company) held a captivating webinar titled, “Good Agricultural Practices of Citrus.”
Our mission was crystal clear: To unite the minds and hearts of stakeholders, cultivating a collective understanding of the vital Citrus Orchard Management for Good Quality and Yield.
The expert of this enlightening session was Mr. Malik Abdul Rehman from the Citrus Research Institute in Sargodha.
With immense knowledge and passion, he painted a vivid picture of citrus orchard management, focusing on the intricate details of fruit development, the battle against insects and disease, and the art of nutrition management.
Participants eagerly submitted their burning questions, and Mr. Rehman, with his expertise, left no stone unturned.
This webinar wasn’t just a gathering of enthusiasts; it was a melting pot of talents and expertise. From seasoned growers to innovative processors, the globe-trotting exporters, the inquisitive researchers, and the brilliant minds of academia from Pakistan – all came together to enrich this insightful event.
So, what did the participants take away from today’s webinar? A deeper appreciation for the citrus fruits we enjoy, a wealth of knowledge on how to nurture them, and a network of passionate individuals eager to take citrus cultivation to new heights!