Floriculture Sector in Pakistan: Issues, Challenges & Export Opportunities

Webinar on “Floriculture Sector in Pakistan: Issues, Challenges & Export Opportunities” aimed to provide guidance to progressive farmers and potential exporters on the lacunas of exporting fresh or dried flowers from Pakistan. Director Floriculture (Training and Research) from Agriculture Department Punjab, shed light on critical issues such as the availability of appropriate facilities for harvest and post-harvest management, inadequate storage facilities, outdated methods in processing/packing and the non-availability of cold chain facilities. He further emphasized the continued development of exports for high-quality flowers and bulbs into overseas markets with a special focus on roses for oil extraction. We at PHDEC extend a heartfelt thank you to the guest speaker and all participants who made this a success! Your enthusiasm and commitment to the growth of the floriculture sector in Pakistan are truly commendable.