Apple Harvesting and post-harvestig

Did you know that the secret to premium quality apples lies in the way they are harvested and handled?

Tuesday, September 12, 2023, PHDEC hosted a groundbreaking webinar that brought together apple growers, processors, exporters, researchers, and academia to discuss the ins and outs of harvesting, postharvest handling, transportation, loading, unloading, and storage. Our goal? To minimize postharvest losses and ensure the availability of top-notch apples both locally and in high-end markets!
Apples are more delicate than you might think, and mishandling during harvesting and packaging can make or break their quality. That’s why we’ve chosen this critical window from early July to late November to educate apple farmers, growers, and key farm workers on the best practices. Dr. Muhammad Javed Tareen, a Technical Member of the Chief Minister’s Inspection Team, Govt of Balochistan, shared invaluable insights into recommended harvesting, postharvest handling, and packing techniques.
We were thrilled to see a massive turnout of passionate participants who all appreciated our initiative in addressing this crucial aspect of post-harvest management.
But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Participants also suggested that we take our efforts a step further by organizing physical activities to benefit all stakeholders. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on that front!

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