Workshop on Dates in Sukkur

PHDEC organized a pivotal workshop in Sukkur on Thursday, December 07, 2023, addressing challenges in Pakistan’s date fruit industry. As the 6th largest producer and 8th largest exporter, sub-optimal practices have affected our prices globally.
In a collaborative effort, trade officers from Pakistan Commercial Sections including Ms. Amna Naeem from Pakistan Embassy Germany, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa from Pakistan Embassy Sweden, Mr. Zain Aziz, from Pakistan High Commission Bangladesh and Mr. Amjad Parvaiz (a leading Pakistani-origin businessman in the UK), emphasized the role of effective marketing in boosting date fruit exports. They provided market insights and highlighted opportunities for our exporters in their respective host countries.
This workshop signifies a crucial step towards revitalizing and repositioning Pakistan’s date industry on the global stage. Let’s join hands in fostering innovation, excellence and sustainable growth in our thriving date fruit sector.