Pre-Season Seminar on Mango

PHDEC in pursuance of its mandate on product development held a pre-season seminar on mango. CEO PHDEC, Mr. Athar Hussain Khokhar welcomed the guests and thanked the speakers for taking time out of their already very busy schedules.
Dr. Waqar Ahmed, Sector Advisor (Horticulture) briefed about the harvesting time & methods and explained how mature stage plucking is important to produce optimum quality mango. He laid special emphasis on internationally adopted Post-harvest/handling techniques and its importance to maintain quality.
Mr Javed Iqbal, Principle Scientist Horticulture, Mango Research Station’Shujabad. Multan, focused on briefing participants on pruning and explained that it tends to stimulate shoot development in mango trees usually resulting in vigorous vegetative re-growth. He stated that pruning is usually carried out to re-shape trees and open up the centers, allowing free movement of air and sunlight resulting in high yield and premium quality fruit for the next season.