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Mango Bagging initiative to boost the Mango industry of Pakistan

The Mango Bagging initiative, piloted in 2023 received positive feedback for improving fruit quality and appearance. Following its success, PHDEC distributed an additional 150,000 bags this season (2024).
Despite being the fifth-largest mango-producing country, only 6-7% of Pakistan’s mango production is exported fresh. The bagging initiative aims to increase exports by enhancing fruit quality, making Pakistani mangoes more competitive in high-end international markets.
Mr. Athar Hussain Khokhar, CEO of PHDEC, highlighted the pilot project’s importance and emphasized collaboration with stakeholders to enhance mango quality, increase market share, and boost exports to high-end markets.
Keynote speaker Dr. Javed Iqbal, Senior Scientist from Mango Research Station (Shujabad) provided insights on mango orchard management and the benefits of mango bagging for yield and quality. He further highlighted the significant commercial advantages of Mango Bagging, including the reduction of post-harvest diseases and damages, preservation of fruit color, decreased reliance on additional pesticide spraying and protection against pests such as fruit flies, especially given their status as quarantine pests. He recommended a bagging duration of 30-45 days for mango fruit.
Mr. Mahmood Nawaz Shah, President Sindh Abadagar Board, and Mr. Nadeem Shah, Vice President, Sindh Abadagar Board, lauded PHDEC’s initiative, expecting positive outcomes for growers and Pakistani mango exports.
Mr. Khawar Nadeem, Manager Agri Products PHDEC, thanked the participants for their time and further re-iterated PHDEC’s dedication in promoting and enhancing the horticulture sector in Pakistan through innovative initiatives and strategic collaborations.