Harvesting and Storage of Garlic

PHDEC in pursuance of its mandate conducted a webinar on “Harvesting and Storage of Garlic”.
The webinar provided a platform to the stakeholders to discuss harvesting, post-harvest handling, transportation, loading, unloading, curing & storages issues of garlic to minimize the postharvest losses. The webinar further aimed to discuss the availability of premium quality garlic in domestic market.
CEO, PHDEC Mr. Athar Hussain Khokhar briefed the participants on the mandate and upcoming pilot projects of PHDEC. He extended PHDEC’s support to all stakeholders.
Experts from NARC, Islamabad and PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi presented the importance of harvest time, maturity indices, harvest process, methods of harvesting, curing & storage, drying methods and preservation techniques for garlic in Pakistan.
A large number of processors, progressive growers, R&D, private companies and academia participated in the webinar.

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