What we do

Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Board has the following major objectives:

  • To create conducive environment through enabling policy/ regulatory measures
  • Promotion/Expansion/Diversification of international markets
  • Improvement of Supply Chain System including establishment of modern infrastructure
  • To work for development of Value Addition industry

To achieve the objectives listed at (iii) and (iv) above, PHDEC has initiated various projects in all the provinces. These projects will contribute towards products development thus ultimately helping in promotion / enhancement of share of horticulture in total exports of the country.


PHDEC Functions & Operational Divisions

Supply Chain Management

  • Awareness & Facilitation on international compliances
  • Facilitation in Certifications (ISO/HACCP/BRC/Global GAP)
  • Capacity building of stakeholders


  • Market Intelligence
  • Market access & Promotion
  • Market Diversification
  • Linkages Development

Business Development & Projects

  • Supply Chain Infrastructure
  • Value Addition
  • Investment Promotion