Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company
Terms and Conditions of Participation
Fruit Logistica 2021


The participation in the delegation shall be subject to the following conditions:


  1. All stakeholders from the horticulture sector would be eligible to apply for being part of the delegation including exporters, processors, and growers.
  2. Both male and female stakeholders will be able to apply on open merit, however, in order to encourage gender parity, PHDEC encourages women stakeholders to apply for their given quota.
  3. The participants shall deposit a refundable security deposit/fee of Rs. 25,000 along with the application form, in the form of valid Pay Order/Bank Draft in the name of Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company.
  4. Incomplete applications/without required documents shall not be entertained.
  5. Applications received after due date and without valid Pay Order / Bank Draft shall not be entertained. The application form should be properly filled-in.
  6. Any wrong information may lead to disqualification of application.
  7. Maximum number of participations of one company in a single calendar year is restricted to two delegations;
  8. Maximum number of participations of one company to one particular destination / country shall be restricted to a maximum of three times;
  9. For participation in the delegation(s) over and above the prescribed limit, the company may become part of the delegation, subject to payment of all expenses in connection with the conduct and stay of the delegation and without claiming subsidy from PHDEC;
  10. Any stakeholder willing to be part of delegation at his/her own expense will be welcomed.
  11. Applications from government/semi-government departments will not be considered by PHDEC.
  12. The security deposit will be refunded to the applicants who are not selected for the delegation. In case of successful candidates, the amount will be refunded/adjusted after conclusion of the visit of the delegation and submission of a feedback report on prescribed format.
  13. The security deposit shall be forfeited in case of no show or withdrawal after the issuance of selection letter to the delegates (except for non-issuance of visa).
  14. Responsibility of obtaining visa for the event will be of the participant. PHDEC shall issue visa support letter and provide support in the matter to only one representative of the company.
  15. In case of visa support letter is required from PHDEC, accounts statement verified by the bank, list of partners/directors over last three years ((supported by documents) as well as copies of income tax returns for last three years to be provided.
  16. Where PHDEC provides visa facilitation to the delegates, an undertaking on judicial paper shall be obtained from the delegate company guaranteeing that the representative of the company shall return to Pakistan after the conclusion of the activities of the delegation.
  17. Every delegate to provide feedback to PHDEC as per specified format, within a specified time frame after the event. However, the Company, where needed, may help the participants in completing this formality.
  18. Any instance of misconduct, unjustified absence or poor presentation in a previous event will render an applicant ineligible.


Documents Required:


  1. Valid Pay Order / Demand Draft for Rs. 25,000 in the name of PHDEC, as Security Deposit Fee.
  2. Company Brochure / Product Catalogue / Company Profile.
  3. Export Performance of last five financial years (separately for each year) duly verified by bank (for Exporters). – as per format attached with application form for exporters.
  4. Bank statements for the last three years (in case of new exporters/SMEs/Women Entrepreneur).
  5. Copy of valid Membership Certificate of Trade body (Chamber / Association), recognized by Director General Trade Organization, Govt. of Pakistan.
  6. Copies of valid Passport & CNIC of the person representing the company.
  7. Copy of valid NTN / Sales Tax Registration Certificate of firm/company.
  8. Copies of internationally recognized quality/food safety certificates (e.g. ISO, HACCP, BRC, IFS, Global GAP, etc).

In case of growers, duly vetted girdawry from revenue department) and in case of contract farming/lease arrangements, valid contract between the parties verified by Patwari or other related government officer. In case of need, PHDEC may engage a third party evaluator for evaluation of such contracts.