Trade Promotion
Grow for Export’ is the slogan of PHDEC Marketing team. PHDEC has been proactively pursuing its marketing goals and has achieved them in a professional and creative manner. Mandated for the development and promotion of horticulture sector of Pakistan, PHDEC envisions development and promotion of horticulture products to exportable quality through product adaptation and market diversification. Our marketing strategy aims to tap the potential in three broad categories: traditional markets, emerging markets, and new markets.
PHDEC through its bestowed mandate has set realistic targets through market and product diversification. We strongly believe that value-added exports from Pakistan are very competitive in international markets. Among the fruits, Pakistani mangoes, kinnows, apples, guavas and grapes hold immense export potential. The quality and price of mangoes in Pakistan is extremely competitive globally. Also, given the high sugar content of this fruit, it can be sold in the form of concentrated pulp which is used in juices and other products.
Kinnows have been introduced in more than 20 countries of the world. However its full potential in the international markets is yet to be tapped. For this, we are targeting potential markets such as Europe, Russia & Indonesia. We are also working on vegetables such as roasted onions, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.
PHDEC is working on the development of floriculture range of Pakistan such as gladiolus, marigolds and roses to name a few. The market demand of floriculture products is growing fast and Pakistan has a favorable climate and cheap labour. By adding varieties in planting material, providing controlled environment and cool chain infrastructure we will soon join cut flower exporting nations.Additionally, Tunnel Technology, Organic Farming & Value Addition will be encouraged among growers/farmers.
SPS training sessions are conducted by PHDEC to build capacity of growers/farmers on regular basis.