Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) has been conducting a series of product specific consultative sessions/seminars in the country. In this context, ‘Consultative Session on Mango Export’ was organized by the Company at Ministry of Commerce, on May, 30, 2019. The session was aimed at inviting suggestions from stakeholders on the current mango export scenario and discuss the related issues in the industry to chalk out a strategy for enhancement of mango export during the current and next season.

Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera, Secretary Commerce, chaired the meeting. Present among other were Mr. Mahmood Nawaz Shah, SMGE, Mr. Ghulam Abbas, Al-Abbas Enterprises, Mrs. Noshaba, SAPNA (SMC), and representatives from SMEDA, DPP, and MNFSR. Secretary TDAP and members of PFVA joined the meeting through videolink. Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, CEO PHDEC opened the forum for discussion. The stakeholders opined on different issues including but not limited to;

  • The export on consignment basis needs to be discouraged/reduced to the possible extent as it leaves exporters at the mercy of importer for the payment for such exports. Mr. Mahmood Nawaz Shah however dissented with the proposal.
  • The handling of shipments by the airlines is not proper. In case of PIA, sometimes PIA offloads the shipment in transit, which negatively impacts the product quality. If PIA is pursued for improvement of the methods of handling, it will create environment for competition among the other lines to handle perishable commodities like mango carefully to avoid deterioration in its packing & quality.
  • It is appropriate that interventions be made in versatile markets and different people be given the opportunity to participate in such events in order to broaden the base/knowledge of exporters.
  • Our mango is mainly sold in Middle East, Gulf states and UK (ethnic market segment). European Union is a big market for mango, but the trend there is to buy from the super markets. These markets are not much interested to concentrate on ethnic segment. Therefore, to remain in the mango world market, we have to shift our focus to the mainstream consumers of EU/other importing countries.
  • Higher freight costs from Pakistan remains a recurring issue. The leading airline in Pakistan, Emirates charges around 30% higher freight rates for Pakistan as compared to India, whereas distance is less. This puts Pakistan at a disadvantage. PIA or some other airlines which operate on mango destinations should be consulted to provide increased space for mango. The competition so created may result in reduction of fares.
  • For the current season, 20th May was announced as the date for start of mango export. But, the mango was not yet matured. DG (Research) Sindh, observed that the mango will mature around June 10, 2019. Therefore, requirement of indicating such date by the PFVA three months should be abolished and this exercise be done in 2nd half of April when the on ground position is clearer.
  • The delayed clearance of mango at airports of the major reasons affecting the quality of product being exported, as the goods remain in normal temperature for hours. Therefore there was a need to make arrangements for controlled temperature environment, installation of scanners for pallets/vehicles and speedy clearance of goods by the concerned agencies through improved inter-agency coordination. Moreover, scanners should be installed at smaller airports. Cold chain at airports be made available. Besides, scanning at airports, the issue needs to be addressed at seaports as well.
  • In United Kingdom, one of major markets for Pakistani mango, sale of mango through wholesale markets was going down as the trend of buying from the stores was developing. So, to remain in UK market, our product quality should be improved to cater to stores like ASDA and Salisbury. In short, we need to keep in mind the n consumers where we sell. Moreover. value addition should be avoid

Secretary Commerce, Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera urged the stakeholders to work in close liaison with each other. He furthered his comments by adding that Ministry of Commerce is ready to provide the platform of discussions for all stakeholders as and when required. Chief Executive Officer thanked the participants for their time and effort in the holy month of Ramadan adding that it shows the commitment of the stakeholders for the betterment of the mango sector.