PHDEC has facilitated and promoted Pakistan horticulture sector in both national and international forum. PHDEC has open access of many lucrative international markets for Pakistan’s horticulture products. On the other hand PHDEC took initiatives to start various projects to enhance in-house capacity of Pakistan’s horticulture products.

Market Promotion through Trade Delegations

Fruit Logistica 2010

Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) arranged Pakistan Pavilion in the event with five member delegation of leading kinnow exporters from Pakistan to participate init:

Out Come:

  • UniFruit UK for specialty fruits like loquat, lychee, etc
  • Keelings Ireland looking for seedless kinnow
  • HH Siever’s Foods GmBH Germany interested in mango and other fruits
  • MALAMAN MARIANGELA Italy for fruit export
  • Krown UK for pomegranate, etc

Product Promotion through Product Sampling

PHDEC planned its 2010 promotional activities to target the high-end market segments in Europe and Iran, so that larger volumes of total mango production of Pakistan can be marketed against higher returns.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the biggest distribution hub of fresh fruits and vegetables in Europe. An Exhibition of Pakistani Mangoes was organized by the PHDEC with support from the Commercial Wing of the Embassy of Pakistan, The Hague, Netherlands The objective of the campaign was to capture the interest of Dutch community towards import of Pakistani mangoes. Mr Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Honorable Minister for Commerce, inaugurated the mango exhibition.

United Kingdom

Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) with collaboration of High Commission of Pakistan in UK organized market promotional activities in London and Manchester as briefly discussed below:

  • Harrods

    Harrods Food Halls are one of the world largest high end outlets. The mango promotional activity at Harrods was organized by PHDEC in collaboration with The Economic & Trade Wing of the High Commission of Pakistan in London.

    Harrods expressed their interest in getting the Pakistani mangoes on their shelves from next season of 2011.

  • Manchester

    Following the successful display of Pakistani mangoes at Harrods, the second promotional campaign was organized in the high end market segments in Manchester. The local support was provided by the Commercial Section of the Pakistan High Commission in UK.


The Ireland is one of the countries where the Pakistani mango has not yet been capitalized in terms of volume, reason being the lack of interest on behalf of locals.

Embassy of Pakistan in Dublin, Ireland with support from PHDEC opted for a Mango Show, which proved a huge success.


Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) and Durranni Associates, Karachi (one of the approved mango processing facilities) conducted a One-Day mango Exhibition and Seminar at Sumbal Hall, Hotel Laleh-Tehran with the offshore support from Commercial Section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Iran to educate the Iranian traders for import of mango from Pakistan

Mango Export to USA

PHDEC played the significant role of Cooperator in the subject event. All the relevant organizations at both ends (USDA, APHIS, FDA, NAPHIS) along with MinFA, MoC (PHDEC), and Embassy of Pakistan in the USA are performed together as a team to deliver mangoes to the USA. Prime Minister Secretariat of the Government of Pakistan is also taking keen interest in this venture.

One-Day Mango Show at Sumbal Hall Hotel LalehTehran- Iran

One-Day mango exhibition at Sumbal Hall, Hotel Laleh with the active help from commercial section Pakistan Embassy Iran was a huge success in which Iranian and other dignitaries participated. Durrani Associated Karachi who extends their help in holding such shows throughout the season provided mangoes for this show.

Chief Operating Officer PHDEC and General Manager Regional Office Karachi participated in the event on behalf of PHDEC.

One-Day mango show paved the way for mango export through Sea to Iran in the wake of present law and order situation in northern areas of Pakistan and our neighbor Afghanistan.

Mango Consignment to USA

Mango consignment to USA which was called off due to untimely rains and floods in season 2010 was re-launched in July 2011 and first official consignment of mangoes was sent to USA on July 27, 2011.

Mango Promotion in Malaysia

With the active help from Pakistan Embassy in Malaysia, PHDEC conducted a successful Mango Promotional Campaign in Malaysia.

Kinnow Promotion in Malaysia

After the successful Mango Promotional Campaign in Malaysia, Commercial Section of Pakistan Embassy in Malaysia was eager to arrange such a promotional campaign for other Pakistani fruits. Marketing Department was assigned the responsibility of arranging the campaign. PHDEC sent around 1000 kg kinnow for the promotional campaign and feedback from Pak Embassy showed that people liked this easy peel able fruit very much for its unique aroma and taste. Formal report of the event is awaited from Malaysia.

Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Latvia

Marketing Department has identified East Europe a better market for Pakistani kinnow. Being an off the line country it was not easy for PHDEC to conduct a promotional activity in Latvia. Marketing Department seeks help from Pakistan Embassy in Sweden that show their active interest in conducting such an activity. The campaign was conducted by Pak Embassy in Sweden and formal report of the event is awaited.

Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Sweden

The successful Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Latvia paved way for Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Sweden. Marketing Department made all necessary arrangements but the exercise was called off due to non availability of good quality fruit at the end of Kinnow season. We hope to carry out the same next year in the peak season.

Mango Promotional Campaign in Sweden & Latvia June (2012)

The success of Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Latvia gives way to Mango Promotional Campaign in Sweden and Latvia. The mango campaign was launched successfully in both countries. One of the Latvian importers showed interest in importing Pakistani mangoes in huge quantities.

Mango Promotional Campaign in The Netherlands July (2012)

Mango Promotional Campaign in the Netherlands is becoming a regular event and this year in collaboration with Pakistan Embassy in the Netherlands PHDEC conducted a successful Mango Promotional Campaign and in-store exhibition in Amsterdam.

Marketing Activities July 2012- June 2013

Visit of Mr. Manmohan Malik (HIMALAYAN International Pvt Limited)

A leading delegate Mr. Manmohan Malik from India visited PHDEC Head Office along with Mr. Mian Mehmood and held meeting with CEO PHDEC. Mr. Malik showed keen interest in a joint venture in value added horticulture products in Pakistan.

Japanese Consultant’s Visit to PHDEC Head Office

Mr. YUJI AOKI (Japanese Consultant with TDAP) of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) visited PHDEC Head Office. The issue of VHT and mango export to Japan was discussed.

Annual General Meeting of Okara Potato Grower Society at Okara

PHDEC supported Okara Potato Grower Society in holding Annual General Meeting.

Facilitation Booth at D- 8 Exhibition Islamabad

PHDEC participated in D-8 exhibition in Islamabad. The PHDEC stall at D-8 exhibition caught the attention of national and international delegates due to its unique and fresh display.

Fruit Logistica 2013

This year PHDEC participated in Fruit Logistica 2013 with the aim to introduce different products from Pakistan other than Mango and Kinnow. The participation was acknowledged by several national and international institutions. PHDEC supported exporters in match making, B2B meetings on PHDEC stall.

Product Promotion through Pakistan Missions Abroad

On the request of Pakistan Embassy Lebanon and Pakistan Embassy Mauritius, PHDEC sent mango consignments for mango festival in respective countries. PHDEC hold “Taste of Pakistani Mango” event in South Korea. PHDEC provided promotional material to Pakistan High Commission, U.K., Pakistan Embassy Netherlands, and Pakistan Embassy France. To tap Black Sea region PHDEC dispatched two mango consignments to Pakistan Embassy, Sofia Bulgaria. Annual event of Pakistan Embassy Germany was supported by providing quality mangoes and promotional material.

Opening of New Market of Australia for Pakistani Mango

PHDEC worked ardently in collaboration with other governmental institutions and first non commercial mango consignment was dispatched by PHDEC to Pakistan High Commission Sydney Australia. The mangoes were processed at Pak Hortifresh Processing Pvt Ltd, a Common Facility Center project by PHDEC and Durrani Associates.